Apex Energy Group

Wordpress Theme Development

This was a project for a client of The Basement Design and Motion. This project was a full responsive custom Wordpress theme. The project allows a user to enter their city, state, zip code or allow for automatic geolocation and produce franchises nearest their entered location. Once the user selects their locations franchise, the website is modified to provide them with personal information that is more closely associated to their needs.

The Alpha Story: Apex Energy Group

The Macro App

iOS Application Development

Macro is the minimalist’s macronutrient tracking application. Macro gives you want you need without all of the clutter. Sometimes in fitness, it is only necessary to track fats, protein and carbohydrates. That is all this allows you to track on a day to day basis. Macro is an iOS application that was designed and developed by me. The application, available for only $1 on the app store, has over 400 downloads. I consider this a successful launch of a side project.

I am the founder, developer and designer of this application and continue to provide support for it. This application is my first real product and was a profound experience for me. The completion and launch of this product has helped my iOS development move forward in both skill and enjoyment.

The Alpha Story: The Macro App

Sitka Salmon Shares

Shopify Theme Development

Sitka Salmon Shares was a very custom Shopify Theme. The development for the project included custom JavaScript and extensive use of the “Liquid” templating language that is used by Shopify. The project extended for multiple months and includes the use of multiple plugins. The design was done by CODO Design, set in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sitka has since won multiple brand awards.

The Alpha Story: Sitka Salmon Shares